The White Billed Diver

Saturday 11 January 2014. The White Billed Diver.

An unexpected visitor graced our shores on this sunny day – The White Billed Diver. This incredible creature breeds in the Arctic and normally spends the winter out at sea in the northern Pacific Ocean. The recent windy weather blew it off course and into Brixham. And despite its remote lifestyle, it is surprisingly friendly.

Today the rain has stopped and it is a beautiful day. The harbor is bathed in sunshine with boats gently bobbing, casting shadows on a shining sea. The star of the day is, however, The White Billed Diver who struts his stuff near the jetty, much to his spectators’ delight!

This rare bird was spotted in Brixham: Jan 2014

This rare bird was spotted in Brixham: Jan 2014

Bird watchers have come to Brixham’s jetty to ‘twitch’ in their droves! Many move in large groups sporting expensive cameras on large tripods with huge lenses.They are all here to take advantage of this rare opportunity to see this amazing bird. One enthusiast explained that Brixham is a great place to spot many exciting breeds such as the Purple Sandpipers and Slovenian Grebe. But the rare specimen everyone wanted to catch on film was the White Billed Diver. Here is a photo taken by Chris Slack, (my favorite photographer with lots of his pictures around our Hotel.)

In addition, there are walkers enjoying the views, walkers with their dogs, and fishermen casting their reels.

It’s so exciting having all these people here, smiling and enjoying Brixham. I feel energized having soaked up the wonderful sun and spectacular views – buoyed up, ready for the year ahead.