Our Brixham Hotel

The Quayside Hotel in Brixham is intrinsically linked with the fishing history of our picturesque village being made out of six former fisherman’s cottages dating back to the 18th Century.

In the hotel restaurant, we source local fresh fish from Brixham’s fishing harbour to serve in our restaurant, which is open for breakfast and dinner every day, including Christmas and Easter,

Our Brixham hotel has served the lovely fishing village of Brixham for over 25 years and has grown and adapted to have 29 individual rooms each with their own personal charm. We have managed the Quayside Hotel in Brixham for over 17 years, and are proud to continue to add to the wonderful history of Brixham.

A brief history of Brixham

Brixham has a rich and diverse history and we are proud to support our corner of South Devon through our unique hotel. Brixham has two celebrations of its famous maritime history in the harbour:

  • The Golden Hinde Replica; this is a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship which he sailed from Plymouth in 1577 and with which he became the first Englishman to sail the world, and also the first European to trade with Native Americans near what we now know as San Francisco. Sir Francis Drake later sailed into Brixham in 1588 on the Capitana, which he had captured from the Spanish in the Armada. Sir Francis Drake left the Capitana in the care of Brixham fisherman, who subsequently searched the ship and found a large stash of gunpowder. Knowing that gunpowder was scarce in the British fleet, they loaded the gunpowder on to their fastest ship and chased after Sir Francis Drake, ensuring that Brixham helped play it’s part in the protection of Brixham.
  • A statue of William Prince of Orange. On 5th November, 1688, William Prince of Orange landed in Brixham supported by a great army that he used to conquer Britain, making himself King William III.

Our Brixham Hotel continues to support Brixham and we welcome you to come and learn about the history and enjoy our wonderful town that is Brixham!